Projects 2002
The Perch   "To Actuality" - exhibition catalog, ARGE KUNST, Galeria Museo, Bolzano 2002, curator: Maia Damianovic
Smart Environment   Catalog "Smart Environment", "Design Processes and Digital Aesthetics of Intelligent Products", co-operation of Design Zone Looshaus and Unit F, office for fashion, CD-Rom, 14_uf_09_adm_77
"Designers take the mobile of the Hand of the Users", Henriette Horny, Kurier, 23.5.2002
EGA NOW first prize of the invited competition for the restructuring of the EGA - Vienna, female cultural institution
Rueckprojektion "Reality Check" (Backprojection), Architektur und Bauforum, November 2001
Rueckprojektion RUEKPROJEKTION (Backprojection)- ARS ELECTRONICA 2001 - TAKE OVER, "Who' doing the art of tomorrow", Springer Verlag, Wien - New York
BikeLid "Seufzende Sender und spontane Gärten", projects for the public space, Krems /A, S.76f, "Freirşume"(open spaces), Architektur Fachmagazin, Heft 6 Sept. 2001
BikeLid "Krems - Stadt im Aufbruch 2001.Architektur und Staedtebau. Eine Bilanz"(Krems - a city uprising 2001, architecture and urban planning - a balance overview), Hrsg. Magistrat Krems, Stadtbaudirektion, ISBN 2-901664-08-4
Krems 1. Preis, 'INFO CENTRE / PUBLIC BICYCLE GARAGE KREMS', 1st price in the invited competition, April 2000
Avalon Exhibition catalogue 'Manifeste des Wohnens' ('Manifestos of Living'), 'DEN FUSS IN DER TUER' ('A Foot in the Door')'at the Kuenstlerhaus, Vienna
ESCAPE*spHERE Profil, April 2000, 'Rock around the block'
Frauen in der Technik' exhibition catalogue 'Frauen in der Technik' ('Women in Technology') for the City of Vienna
Five Austrian Architects at Work exhibition in Nicosia, Cyprus; 'Cyprus revisited', November 2000 EVENT, Nov.2000
Five Austrian Architects at Work presentation on the work of ESCAPE*spHERE
Gummibaer publication in the architectural magazine Architektur- und Bauforum 3/99 - project 'Rueckprojektion' ('Back Projection')
Mobile Schuette-Lihotzky Project Scholarship, February1999


Federal government funding from the by the Austrian Federal Chancellery (Art Division) for the installation of 'RUECKPROJEKTION' in Vienna
Gummibaer Installation 'Rueckprojektion _ der Gummibaer mit Sonnenbrand im Internet' (Back Projection - the Gummy Bear with Sunburn on the Internet") for the exhibition 'Paper Art 7' in Dueren, Germany, exhibition catalogue, September 1998
Gummibaer exhibition 'Paper Art 7 - Electric paper', DuerenKunstforum 142 /10 -12 1998
LOVA LAKS honorable mention at the LAKS WATCH competition, Vienna, June 1998,
Work & Culture exhibition catalogue 'WORK & CULTURE', edited by Herbert Lachmayer, Lore Louis, June 1997, contribution: 'An einen Auftraggeber...das Buero der Zukunft' ('To a Customer...the Office of the Future') by Barbara Imhof, Sandrine von Klot