Foto: Manfred Klimek, Valerie Rosenburg©





born 29/8/1969 in Vienna, Austria

1996 degree of architecture at the Academy of Applied Arts in Vienna
1997 MSS Master of Space Studies, ISU in Strasbourg


1994 1st prize of "The Temple of Laughter", organisation: The End, L.A.

several publications of student projects in Austria, Germany, the USA and Japan; participation in exhibitions in Berlin, L.A. and Cologne

since1998 teaching assistant at the Vienna University of Technology, Institute of Design and Building
Construction, Prof. Richter

1997 - 2003 ESCAPE*spHERE with Sandrine von Klot and Birgit Trenkwalder

2003 LIQUIFER [space]architecture

Scientific publications, Workshops and lectures in the filed of space architecture in the USA, Holland, Belgium and Austria. Cooperation - project BIOPLEX - NASA Johnson Space Center, Houston, TX-USA

Memberships: Durch architect's chamber SBA, American Institute for Aeronautics and Astronautics AIAA, Lunar Explorers Working Group IlEWG


born 24/06/1967 in Düsseldorf, Germany

1996 Master Degree of Architecture - Southern Californian Institute of Architecture, Los Angeles

several publications of student projects in Austria, Italy, Germany and USA, and participation in exhibitions in Turin, L.A., Vienna

Different publications of student projects in Austria, Italy, Germany and the USA; Participation in exhibitions in turin, L.A. and Vienna.

2002 guest-professorship Sci Arc Los Angeles

1999 - 2002 assistant at the academy of fine arts Vienna, master school for architecture, Professor Ruediger Lainer

Curating the exhibition project ` Trespassing ' for the Secession Vienna in co-operation with Angelika Fitz

1997 - 2003 ESCAPE*spHERE with Barbara Imhof and Birgit Trenkwalder


born 02/06/1968 in Dornbirn, Austria

1998 degree of architecture at the Vienna University of Technology

1998 - 2003 ESCAPE*spHERE with Barbara Imhof and Sandrine von Klot

1997 commission for the 2nd phase "Brewery in Ottakring", Vienna
1996 prize for the first phase for the master plan for the competition "Brewery in Ottakring", Vienna
1994 honorable mention at the "6th Takiron International Design Competition",
Shinkenchiku-sha Co., Ltd., Japan

publication and exhibition of the project "Brewery in Ottakring" in Austria


2001 work scholarship Federal Bureau of Criminal Investigations 2000 diploma project into closer selection for the BUILDING HOUSE AWARD 2000
1997 order for the treatment of the 2.Stufe - ' brewery Ottakring, Vienna '
1996 price for the 1.Stufe of the competition ' restructuring of a subrange of the brewery Ottakring, Vienna '
1994 acknowledgment price "6th Takiron internationally Design Competition", Shinkenchiku sha CO, Ltd., Japan

publications and exhibitions with mentioned above projects.