Phase 1


''Rueckprojektion - der Gummibaer mit Sonnenbrand im Internet' (Back Projection - the Gummy Bear with Sunburn on the Internet")

for the biannual exhibition 'Paper Art 7' in Dueren, Germany


Phase 2

Installation ARS ELECTRONICA Festival,

September 2001, Linz

Phase 3

BACK PROJECTION is an architectural project aimed at producing a conscious experience of our current concept of space by materializing the media-induced expansion of spatial dimensions relating to time and virtual space. Our concept of spatial limits, our perception of spatial continuity and discontinuity is undergoing profound changes. An inseparable link is forming between the concrete, physical space and other, parallel dimensions of space which can be experienced on a virtual level. A prototype for BACK PROJECTION was presented at the Ars Electronica Festival 2001 "Take over". It comprises two moveable oblong panels powered by a pneumatic motor and controlled via a feedback system consisting of a game interface on the Internet. ESCAPE*spHERE refers to the project's overall configuration as a "the new space incorporating technology and media".